01. Jerome wants to open his own computer store, but he doesn't have enough [capital] to do it just yet.
02. Our mortgage rates are so high that we won't even begin to pay down the [capital] for another couple of years at least.
03. London has long been the financial [capital] of England.
04. We have a large [capital] investment that is finally starting to pay off.
05. The company is going to have to sell off some of its [capital] to pay down its debt.
06. It has been suggested that in [capitalist] societies, men and women constitute two separate classes.
07. In modern society, knowledge has replaced muscle and physical [capital] as the principal factor in production.
08. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith once commented that under [capitalism], man exploits man, whereas under communism, it's just the opposite.
09. Harvey Firestone once observed that thought, not money, is the real business [capital].
10. Antoine Rivarol once said that ideas are a [capital] that bears interest only in the hands of talent.
11. There is a German proverb which states that intelligence is the best [capital].
12. John Maynard Keyes once suggested that [capitalism] is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons, will somehow work for the benefit of us all.
13. Beginning in 1993, the Queen of England agreed to pay taxes on income and [capital] gains.
14. Development of the world's largest gas fields is sucking in mountains of investment [capital] for the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar.
15. Reykjavik, Iceland, is the world's northernmost [capital] city.
16. Zig Ziglar once stated, "Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. [Capitalize] on what comes."
17. No village on the island of Malta is more than an hour's journey by bus to the [capital].
18. In 1603, Ieyasu ruled Japan, and moved the country's [capital] to Edo (Tokyo).
19. Australia has a prosperous Western-style [capitalist] economy.

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